Vision, Mission and Values

MercyCare is a leading Catholic provider of aged care, family, community, health and disability services. With over 1000 employees and 175 volunteers, MercyCare delivers more than 40 programs and services from 40 locations throughout Western Australia.

Our Vision

For people and communities to thrive.

Our Mission

To bring compassion and justice to life and break cycles of significant disadvantage.

Our Values

  • Respect - we value the inherent worth of each person and the natural environment.
  • Integrity - we are honest, genuine, accountable and reliable.
  • Compassion - we respond with open hearts and minds to people's needs.
  • Justice - we recognise everyone's right to a fair share of resources and opportunities.
  • Excellence - we strive for outstanding performance and creativity.
  • Courage - we promote a mind and spirit that faces up to and engages with challenges.