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4 Stars for Mercy Employment in Hillarys!

"Dr Mal Washer, Joondalup Times, August 17th 2006, Page 9"

Latest Star Ratings show success in helping more unemployed Australians into work.

The latest performance evaluation of the Aus Gov's Job Network show it continues to be very successful.

The 6 monthly evaluation called the Star Ratings, compares the performance of the Job Network members as they aim to place unemployed people into jobs.

Local Job Network members Mercy Employment in Hillarys and Ors Joondalup both were awarded 4 stars for their performance.

The Job Network has helped nearly 640,000 Australians find work in the last twelve months including record placement for disadvantaged Australians.

July 2006 Emp Figures for West Aus

  • Employment in Western Australia rose by 9500 (or 0.9 %) over the month to stand at 1077900 in July 2006 it's the highest level on record. Over the year, employment has risen by 31 200 (or 3.0 %)  Since March 1996, employment has risen by 241 800 (or 28.9 %)
  • The unemployment rate decreased by 0.4 % points over the month by 1.7 % points over the year to stand at 3.1 % in July 2006, it's the lowest level     since the monthly seasonally adjusted series began in February 1978.
  •  The unemployment rate is now 4.3 % points below the 7.4 % recorded in March 1996.
  •  The participation rate rose by 0.2 % points over the month to stand at 67.7 % in July 2006.

Job Network is playing a vital role in connecting job seekers with the thousands of new employment, training,and rehabilitation places now available under the Aus Gov's Welfare to Work reforms.

The latest Job Network performance figures for 2005-6 financial year show that Job Network is achieving impressive results in helping disadvantage Australians to find a job. Nearly 24000 long term jobs were found for people of working age on welfare aged 50 years or over 2500 long term jobs were found for people receiving disability support pension and nearly 17000 parents, receiving parenting payments were placed into long term jobs, a new annual record and double the previous financial year.

There has never been a better time to find a job in Australia.  Our unemployment rate has now fallen to 4.8 % the lowest level since Aug 1976.

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