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Advances in geriatric care, thanks to Yew

Residents at MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care facility will now have access to specialist treatment and health care thanks to a new partnership with a Mercy Hospital-based geriatrician.

Dr Teck Yew, who runs a private practice through Mercy Hospital Sessional Suites in the Mercy Medical Centre, will now be providing specialist care to residents as part of a new service not often seen in aged care facilities.

Mercy Hospital Corporate and Business Services director Jill Carland explained that geriatricians specialise in the treatment and health management of older people.

She said it was sometimes difficult for older people to access specialist geriatrician care, so having Dr Yew
affiliated with our residential aged care facility will ensure swifter care for the residents.

“This gives residents with complex medical problems an opportunity for specialist assessment in their home  and further follow up via Telehealth to reduce the difficulties of travelling to the specialist, spending time in waiting rooms and then not being able to assess the person in their own environment,” she said.

MercyCare Residential Aged Care clinical nurse specialist Christine Fowler said having access to Dr Yew’s services was a big positive for MercyCare’s residents.

“This is a wonderful thing for our residents because we haven’t had direct access to a geriatrician before,” she said.

“Previously, our residents would be referred to a geriatrician in the community which might take some time. This will make it a faster process for our residents to receive care from someone that has specific experience in looking after older people.”

Dr Yew’s service will be run in conjunction with GP referrals. After an initial onsite visit, follow-up appointments can be provided through Telehealth.