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Dr. Larry Brendtro Training Opportunities July 2008

Dr. Larry Brendtro is founder of Reclaiming Youth International and former president of Starr Commonweath serving troubled youth in Michigan and Ohio. He has broad experience as a youth worker, educator, administrator, researcher, and author. He holds a Ph.D. in Education and Psychology from the University of Michigan, is a licensed psychologist, and has taught in the area of behaviour disorders at the University of Illinois, The Ohio State University, and Augustana College. Dr. Brendtro is editor of the journal Reclaiming Children and Youth and with colleagues has authored 10 books and 200 articles on challenging youth. He serves on the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, chaired by the U.S. Attorney General, and has trained youth professionals worldwide.

Dr. Brendtro and his wife, Janna – who is editor of reclaiming youth publications – work from their log home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They have 3 adult children and are now proudly showing photos of their grand-children. (R.A.P) Training

1. Response Ability Pathways (R.A.P) Training

RAP is a universal curriculum providing essential skills for all who deal with with young persons in the family, school or community. Children and youth need supportive mentors who respond to their needs rather than react to their problems. R.A.P provides these response-abilities to guide young people on pathways to responsibility.


  • Applies resilience science to meet the growth needs of all young persons
  • Is a powerful alternative to either punitive or permissive approaches
  • Taps and develops the innate strength and resilience of young persons
  • Uses “universal design” principles and is relevant to all settings
  • Is useful to all professionals and lay persons who deal with youth
  • Training transforms relationships among adults and young people.

Monday 21st - Tuesday 22nd July 2008

9.30am - 4.30pm

Wollaston Conference Centre, Rochdale Road, Mt. Claremont.

Cost $470 (includes text, materials and catering)

Places are limited to 45

2. The Developmental Audit

If an airplane crashes, a careful study of factors causing the problem is made so preventive measures can be taken. But when a kid crashes, the case file documenting chronic failure may just become thicker. A prime task in a Developmental Audit is to scan the ecology of a child to identify sources of stress as well as support. To thrive, children need positive human connections.

The Developmental Audit provides a roadmap for assessment and planning with young people whose problems place them at risk. It is grounded in ecological, developmental and brain science. Humans are ‘hard wired’to connect, solve problems and restore harmony.

The Developmental Audit:

  • Provides a functional assessment that can be used for young people in schools, juvenile justice, out of home care, and other settings concerned with treating children and youth at risk; it is concerned with healthy youth development.
  • An assessment of the child’s ecology
  • Empowers the young person
  • Enhances reflective competence
  • Builds strengths and supports
  • Establishes goals for growth
  • Restores harmony with self and others

This two day workshop leads you through the Developmental Audit process with Dr. Larry Brendtro.

Thursday 24th - Friday 25th July 2008

9.30am - 4.30pm

Denise Satterley Room, Wollaston Conference Centre,

Rochdale Road, Mt. Claremont.

Cost $400 (includes text, materials and catering)

Places are limited to 150.

3. Public Lecture - No disposable Kids

Schools, and communities are struggling to raise respectful children and youth in a toxic world. When youth present problems, the prevailing approach is to revert to punishment and exclusion.

This presentation strips away the myth that some youth are beyond our reach and presents fresh alternatives for building powerful environments where all youth can thrive drawn from No Disposable Kids (National Educational Services, 2005) based on the work of Larry Brendtro, Arlin Ness, and Martin Mitchell as colleagues at Starr Commonwealth. As Muhammad Ali notes in the book’s foreword, our task is to find greatness, even in our most difficult youth.

Thursday 24th July 2008

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Cost $30

Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Campus,

Building 32, Room 101 (lecture theatre)

Refreshments and meet Larry at 8pm

Larry’s lecture is the first of a 3-lecture series “Creating Caring Communities: Assisting children to thrive” Hosted by School of Education @ ECU. For more information please contact Anne Winterton on 9370 6257

For enquiries about any of these training opportunities, please contact Jan Lee, Mercy Family Services, on 9208 4430 mobile 0407 087 593 or email

If you’re travelling to attend any of these training opportunities we have the following accommodation available:

Wollaston Conference Centre - Room Rate $40 per night. Hire of Linen $10 per stay. Dinner $18, breakfast $12. (All costs are exclusive of GST)

To Register for any or all of the above Training Opportunities, please complete the attached form and email to