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Elder wisdom recruited to MercyCare interview panels

Residents at MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care facility in Wembley are helping recruit new staff under a plan to give them a more active role in the centre’s operations.

Residents of the Wembley facility are participating with MercyCare staff in interview panels with prospective employees, and then providing feedback about recruitment decisions.

Former West Australian Commissioner of Police John Porter, 94, is among a select group of residents involved in MercyCare interview panels and recruitments.

Mr Porter, who joined the WA police force in 1946 and served as Police Commissioner from 1981 to 1985, said he enjoyed having input in the recruitment process.

“I’ve been interviewing people all my life so this comes very naturally,” said Mr Porter.

“The process can make people nervous and I want to put them at ease and make them feel like they can tell me anything.

“That’s why I like meeting them one on one; you find out more about a person. 

“I always ask them what they like about the job, why they like their job. It’s important to know their likes and dislikes, and what they expect from the job because that’s what helps you understand each other.

“We want to broaden our knowledge about each other and create a proper relationship.

“I really enjoy being a part of the interview. I like feeling recognised for my experience and valued as a part of the team. I want to help more.”

MercyCare residential aged care manager Donna Matthews said each resident that had participated in interview panels had formed a close connection with the staff they had helped employ.

“This is about making residents like Mr Porter feel valued and empowered to use their knowledge, experience and wisdom to help make these important recruiting decisions,” Ms Matthews said. 

“The initiative is a major shift in thinking and attitudes when it comes to service delivery, but the feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive”. 

MercyCare Chief Executive Officer Chris Hall said the organisation was dedicated to providing a person-centred delivery model.

“We are not just planning and delivering services we think are in the best interests of our residents, but really working with them to understand and provide what they want,” he said.

Several residents involved in the interview panels have volunteered more of their time and MercyCare is most appreciative.