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IPad lessons for seniors a hit

Wembley retiree Nigel Tyson, who has a working background in IT, has been teaching two elderly gentlemen how to use iPads at MercyCare for about three months, after seeing an article in his local newspaper about computers for seniors and approaching MercyCare to volunteer his time.

Working alongside MercyCare’s OT, Mr Tyson has been teaching one gentleman, Ken Ryan, how to search the internet and email friends, while also spending about half an hour each week helping Stewart Lloyd Taylor to record his life history using specialised voice-to-text software Dragon Dictation.

“I try to give as much encouragement as possible and they’re happy to keep at it,” Mr Tyson said.

“Our approach to the lessons is quite relaxed, because if you haven’t grown up surrounded by this technology, it can be a challenge to learn about it.”

MercyCare’s Executive Director Aged Care Services, Carlo Calogero, said he was delighted when Mr Tyson approached the organisation to offer his services volunteering to teach residents to use iPads and access the internet.

“Having well and truly entered the internet age, it can be disempowering for older people in the community who don’t know how to use all these new technologies that appear all around us these days,” he said.

“We’re very pleased to offer these one-on-one lessons to our residents as both a learning tool and valuable social outlet.”