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Mercy Week is Coming! 17th - 21st September 2007

Mercy Week is Coming!  September 17th - 21st 2007!

This year's theme: "Who is my neighbour?"

Mercy Week is the annual celebration during which the MercyCare community pauses to reflect on the spiritual foundations of the organisation and the Mission of "bringing compassion to life" handed to us by the Sisters of Mercy.

The dates for Mercy Week are scheduled to coincide with International Mercy Day which is celebrated the world over, every year, on 24 September: the date that Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy Order, opened the "House of Mercy" in Baggot St, Dublin in 1827. This year we are celebrating Mercy Week leading up to this milestone.

In essence, Mercy Week calls us to reconnect with the intent of our Mission and Values and to consider how we deliver our Mission on a daily basis through our work and relationships with each other.

Our Challenge for Today...

Our task as MercyCare people is to graciously extend ourselves to our neighbours and to have the humility to receive help from others. That is, to both give and receive love and compassion, in a manner that transcends social and cultural divides. It challenges us to think about "who is my neighbour?" but also "who is NOT my neighbour and why?".

If we can become more aware of, and alert to, our own unjust biases we may be able to heal our hearts and our minds from all discrimination and prejudice, so that we can receive our neighbours in just relationships and with integrity of heart.

In considering how we can apply the learnings from the Good Samaritan to the MercyCare environment, let us ask ourselves the following questions:

• How can we care for, advocate on behalf of, and share with those who are different from us including our enemies?

• How can we set aside our prejudice to better show love and compassion for those we encounter in our everyday activities?

• How can we become more alert to the needs of those around us?

• How can we be friendly, kind and helpful without distinction?

• How can we open ourselves up to receive help and compassion from others?

• And, how can we translate "compassionate thinking" into "practical action"?