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MercyCare announces agreement to transfer ownership of Mercy Hospital to St John of God Health Care

The MercyCare Trustees and Board are pleased to advise that MercyCare and St John of God Health Care have agreed to the transfer of ownership of Mercy Hospital to St John of God Health Care, so securing the future of the Hospital.

This transfer is subject to securing the necessary approvals from the Catholic Church and other regulatory bodies. The Hospital will continue to operate as normal during the approval process.

As a large private hospital operator St John of God Health Care has the resources and the expertise to invest in Mercy Hospital and further enhance services to the community. St John of God Health Care has plans to grow obstetrics, medicine and surgery at the Mercy Hospital in an integrated way with its Perth metropolitan hospitals.

The purchase of Mercy Hospital will also provide St John of God Health Care with the opportunity to develop a significant private specialist rehabilitation service to support patients in private and public acute hospitals.

This is an important decision in the history of Mercy Hospital (formerly St. Anne’s) and the move strengthens Catholic health care in Western Australia, benefitting the community and ensuring the Catholic ethos and mission continues at the Hospital. St John of God Health Care’s values are closely aligned with those of Mercy Hospital and, as such, the values-based care to which both organisations are committed, will continue into the future.

MercyCare will continue the tradition of Catherine McAuley and the pioneering nature of the Sisters of Mercy of responding to the changing needs of the community. MercyCare’s Vision, Mission and Values remain unchanged. This allows MercyCare the opportunity to look at providing a wider range of health care and social services in people’s homes and in their communities, and increasing access to services for people who are without adequate assistance or marginalised from mainstream service programs.

We gratefully acknowledge the extraordinary work of the Sisters of Mercy that has allowed the MercyCare Trustees and Board to be in a position to make this decision and to look to the future.

The legacy of the Sisters of Mercy will live on in MercyCare’s social advocacy, education, health care, aged care and family and community services.