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MercyCare Launches new look

Welcome to the new financial year and to a new look for MercyCare. We’ve spent a little time and effort in making our brand identity more contemporary and hope you like the new look. We believe our revitalised brand reflects our Vision, Mission and Values, and brings to life what we have known for a long time - There’s care... and there’s MercyCare.

This new financial year is already shaping up to be a significant one for MercyCare and also for the not-for-profit sector more generally. As you may be aware, the not-for-profit landscape is changing rapidly and we
are experiencing unprecedented demand for reform and change.

Changes are also afoot in terms of service delivery, as it seems increasingly likely that, as we move forward, people will be given the opportunity to have greater choice and control over the support services they receive, which will impact on the way in which we, and other organisations, provide support and services into the future.

During the first half of 2014, we will commence our 2014-17 strategic planning process to redefine our strategic
goals and objectives to ensure we are adaptive and responsive to opportunities in the new world in which we
are entering.

Despite the rapid rate of change and the emergence of the new world in which MercyCare is operating, one thing remains constant: our passion and our compassion in helping those we serve.

I thank you for your support in helping us to help others and I look forward to our further contact.

Chris Hall, CEO