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MercyCare News - Special Anniversary Edition

The latest issue of MercyCare News is now available for download. Click here to get your copy.

This year marks a significant milestone for both MercyCare and Mercy Hospital - MercyCare celebrates its 10th anniversary while Mercy Hospital celebrates its 75th anniversary. This edition of MercyCare News is a special celebratory one which acknowledges the founders, the Sisters of Mercy, and celebrates 75 years of service to the Western Australian community.

Stories include:

  • From private house to hospital. In 1935, with the support of the then Archbishop Dr R Prendiville, the Sisters of Mercy bought Killowen House, a regal private residence in Mount Lawley, originally owned and built by Mr RT Robinson....... Read more.
  • Sisters offer key to lifelong passion. When Shelley Peterson was chosen to be the star attraction in the above press photograph in 1955, little did her family know the history she would share with the organisation now known as MercyCare...... Read more.
  • Celebrating maternity at Mercy Hospital. It's fair to say that the Family Birthing Unit at Mercy Hospital has undergone a number of changes since it was first opened as St Anne’s New Maternity Home in 1958..... Read more.
  • History of the Sisters. Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, led a remarkable life with a single minded commitment to the care and education of the poor and vulnerable.... Read more.
  • Building trust plus strenght is key to rehab success. "Our focus is on providing the best care and rehabilitation service possible, and we do this by building strong relationships with patients and gaining their trust, so in turn we can help them to feel empowered, gain strength and get them home in a safe manner," explains Mark Cook, Nurse Unit Manager at Mercy Hospital's Specialist Rehabilitation Service...... Read more.
  • MercyCare: Celebrating a decade. This year not only sees Mercy Hospital celebrating its 75th Anniversary, but also sees MercyCare celebrating its 10th anniversary of continuing the Sisters legacy and delivering the compassionate care that the Sisters intended.... Read more.
  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Mercy Hospital, formerly St Anne’s Nursing Home, was opened in 1937 as a 30 bed facility. In its first year of operation 60 babies were delivered, 146 operations were performed, and 48 x-rays were taken...... Read more.