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MercyCare Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards Ceremony

This afternoon, 7 May 2012, MercyCare held its Annual Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards.

These annual awards are an opportunity for colleagues and supervisors to acknowledge and nominate a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and has truly shown excellence as a nurse or midwife by bringing to life MercyCare’s vision, mission and values.

The awards were first held in 2010 for only the hospital and organised by Vivienne Sprigg and the senior nursing leadership team. With the passing of Vivienne, the awards were not held in 2011. This year, the awards have been reinstated. Importantly, they have been expanded to include other parts of MercyCare as part of the One MercyCare approach.

Being nominated for a MercyCare Excellence Award is not only an achievement in itself. In addition to this, all nominees will be nominated for the 2012 WA Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards to be held on 22 September and for other relevant awards held in 2012.

As Chris recalled in his opening speech “Nurses and midwives have been a part of the MercyCare tradition for close to 2 centuries. When the Sisters of Mercy first arrived on WA shores in 1846 they came as nurses, midwives and advocates for women and children in need. It is remarkable that with the passage of time our commitment and dedication to nursing and midwifery hasn’t faltered, if anything it has grown to new heights.

The nominees from today’s awards are shining examples of the care and compassion that is present in the work we do.

It seems fitting to be relaunching the awards this year, as it coincides with two special anniversaries for MercyCare: MercyCare’s 10th Anniversary as a formal institution within the Catholic Church, and Mercy Hospital’s 75th Anniversary.

Our tradition of compassion and caring has been around long before we took the reins at MercyCare and it will continue long after we are gone, but we strive each day to add our own uniqueness to the care we deliver to our patients and residents and this is never more evident than in the nominations for these excellence awards.”

Sue Cantwell announced all nominees and recipients, with sertificates presented by Chris Hall, CEO, MercyCare and Catherin Stoddart, WA Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer. Also present was Judith Wilson, representing Prof Selma Alliex, Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery, The University of Notre Dame Australia.

The nominees and award recipients are as follows:

Acute Care Enrolled Nurse for enrolled nurses who are currently working within the acute care sector.

The nominees for this award are:

  • Anne Bloomfield – Ursula Frayne Unit
  • Paul Kirkby – Ursula Frayne Unit
  • Aung Myint – Endoscopy.

The recipient is:

· Anne Bloomfield.

Acute Care Registered Nurse for registered nurses who are currently working within the acute care sector.

The nominees for this award are:

· Lone Kelsey – Day Therapy Unit

· Jennifer Tomson – Endoscopy Unit

· Remya Chandran – Specialist Rehabilitation Unit

· Susan Howlett – 3rd/4th floor

The recipient is:

· Jennifer Tomson

Acute Care Midwife - for midwives who are currently working within the Perth metropolitan area.  

The nominees for this award are:

· Wendy Lloyd – Family Birthing Unit

The recipient is:

· Wendy Lloyd

Residential and Aged Care Nurse for enrolled nurses or registered nurses currently working in area(s) of residential or other setting where aged care is provided. 

The nominees for this award are:

· Christine Fowler – Mercy Aged Care

The recipient is:

· Christine Fowler

Preceptor - for enrolled nurses, registered nurses or midwives who support one or more student nurses / midwives, graduate nurses / midwives or any other new nurse / midwife staff in any setting. 

The nominees for this award are:

· Jennifer Goynich – Day Surgery Unit

· Maree Woodward – 3rd/4th floor

The recipient is:

  • Maree Woodward

Emerging Leader for nominees who are highly regarded by their supervisors, peers or colleagues as a future or current leader in their current work area or organisation.

The nominees for this award are:

· Amy Staples – 3rd/4th floor

· Wendy Blomberg – Endoscopy Unit

· Robin Benson – Specialist Rehabilitation Unit

· Lisa Glendining – 3rd/4th floor

· Mark Manton – Ursula Frayne Unit

· Linda Bowie - Education

The recipient is:

· Lisa Glendining


Vivienne Sprigg Memorial Award to the Mercy Hospital Nurse/ Midwife of the Year

This category is selected from the category winners who work at Mercy Hospital in acknowledgment of their contribution to excellence in nursing or midwifery at Mercy Hospital and is sponsored by the WA Nursing and Midwifery Office.

The recipient is:

· Lisa Glendining