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MercyCare's Award winning midwife saves lives

Millie, who has been a midwife at Mercy Hospital’s Family Birthing Unit for 7 years, was the deserving winner of the Consumer Appreciation category of the Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards on October 26.

Millie was nominated for the award by Channel 9 journalist Rochelle Tetlow, whose life and that of her baby boy Samuel were threatened in a harrowing childbirth when her placenta abrupted at just 34-weeks into her pregnancy, meaning her unborn baby was being “unplugged” from his life support.

Millie quickly recognised the gravity of Rochelle’s condition and set in motion a team to perform an emergency caesarian section. With the assistance of fellow midwife Lisa Kellian, Millie performed life-saving resuscitation techniques to successfully resuscitate the newborn baby.

Congratulations Millie!