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MercyCare's First Time Ever Fund

The First Time Ever Fund is our new fundraising initiative to enable children in our care to launch themselves confidently into the future.

MercyCare Chief Executive Officer Chris Hall said the First Time Ever Fund will support WA children and teenagers who are cared for through MercyCare’s Fostering Services and Family Group Homes.

“MercyCare provides children in our care with the opportunity to experience a lot of ‘firsts’. For some children this might be the first time they feel protected, the first time that they can safely explore who they are, and who they want to be; the first time they have choices, and are free to play like any other child and see real hope for their future,” he said.

The First Time Ever Fund is based on the premise that MercyCare wants to help expand the ‘first time ever’ experiences that most people take for granted in childhood - family holidays, camps with peers, trips to the zoo or watching a favourite sporting team play live. These types of activities provide children and teenagers in care, with precious memories and positive experiences that will help to shape their sense of identity as ‘people who matter’.

MercyCare currently has 60 children in care. Fostering Services provides short, medium and long term care, as well as respite care and support for children and young people who are unable to live with their families due to a variety of circumstances. In addition, MercyCare works in partnership with the Department for Child Protection and Family Support through its Family Group Homes to care for children aged from three to 18 years old who cannot live at home.

The types of experiences MercyCare will be able to deliver through the First Time Ever Fund are beyond the government funding currently provided. Donations won’t just impact the children currently in care, the benefits will be felt by those children and their childrens’ children; to thrive and break their cycle of significant disadvantage.

Click here to donate to the First Time Ever Fund