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NEWS: Another Fabulous Book Sale

Another fantastic Book Sale is over and what a great success it has been.
The net profit from the weekend was $20299.00, which amounts to $1554.00 more than 2006.

Special thanks must go to Joan Langton and her team of dedicated volunteers who, together, contribute 1,600 hrs of their time and energy throughout the year, not to mention 133hrs over the Book Sale itself. In addition, 22 staff members, from all over MercyCare, gave their time over the weekend. Many thanks to all of you for helping to make this event such a success.

The money raised this year will purchase; new, child car seats for the Koondoola Family Centre bus and will go towards further development of the Heritage Trail and heritage buildings on the Wembley site.

The value of the Annual Book Sale goes well beyond the financial angle though. The weekend introduces the public to MercyCare in a really positive way and is a community event for all the staff and volunteers involved providing heaps of fun, laughter and great interaction.

So, well done everyone and thanks again for all your support.


David Cutler

Manager Volunteer Services