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Nurse the Nation

Mercy Hospital Mount Lawley is a member of the Nurse the Nation website, aimed at helping travellers, backpackers and caravanning retirees work their way around Australia. The Nurse the Nation campaign is an innovative initiative, developed by Catholic Health Australia that allows travelling or retired nurses and midwives to log onto the website and find jobs anywhere in Australia to coincide with their travels.

Nurse the Nation is a service to Nurses and Midwives who would like to experience Australia, and try something new and innovative at the same time. It supports nurses and midwives who would like to use their nursing and midwifery skills to assist them to travel and experience different opportunities.

Vivienne Sprigg, Director of Nursing at Mercy Hospital Mount Lawley said she "is very excited that Mercy Hospital is a member of Nurse the Nation website and assist travelling nurses to remain working in their profession while travelling in Australiasia. It allows for a seamless transition from job to job and priority is given to participants of the program. Nurses can in effect coincide their work placements with their travel plans. Imagine 3 months working in a Catholic hospital in Perth and the security of a job waiting for you in Brisbane or another part of Australia."

"We're excited about this opportunity as it allows us to extend our mission and culture and to really support casual staff in their travelling lifestyle" MS Sprigg said.

Nurses and Midwives interested in travelling for catholic employment opportunities can search the new website at