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Pure gold volunteers thanked with high tea

National Volunteer Week was commemorated with a ‘Thanks a Million’ pure gold themed celebration and scrumptious high tea to recognise the hard work and tireless commitment of all our MercyCare volunteers.

More than 60 staff and volunteers filled the atrium at Wembley’s residential aged care facility to be served a selection of sweet and savoury delights by MercyCare executive staff.

MercyCare Executive Directors also gave their thanks, highlighting the positive difference that volunteers make to the lives of people we work with, whether in hospital, family and community services, aged care, or people and organisation services. The atrium was decorated with yellow decor to symbolise the pure gold ‘worth’ of our volunteers, and each one was given a token of appreciation including a selection of fine teas and gourmet cookies.

“We are pleased to offer hospitality and warmth to everyone involved at MercyCare,” says CEO Chris Hall.
“We want our volunteers to know how much we appreciate their generous efforts and we hope they
enjoyed the event and our small token of appreciation for all their wonderful work.”

MercyCare is always looking for more volunteers. If you or a person you know might be interested, please
call 9442 3491 or email for more information.