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Stepping forward together

In August 2015, MercyCare’s Aged Care Services was selected to be part of a pilot program called ‘Step Forward: Together’. This co-production project involves ten organisations around the country bringing service users and professionals together to develop and test tools which will assist all organisations to incorporate co-production to their own work places.

The aim of the project is to ensure that consumers are involved in the development of supports and services that impact them directly including the creation, planning and delivery of services. At MercyCare, the steering group consists of consumers and representatives from MercyCare and community based organisation, Independent Living Centre.

MercyCare’s Manager Innovation and Development, Aged Care Services Bev Wheeler said the project would help bridge the gap between allied health, support workers and the consumers themselves.

“This is a great way for MercyCare to show how we truly value our consumers and want to know how we can do what we do better. We value the people we support and want them to be a part of what we create.”

The steering group are currently in the process of developing a model of practice to promote the effectiveness of allied health services, which help consumers regain skills, confidence and overall independence

“We need everyone to work together to create the best possible outcomes” says Bev.

“Every person has different needs, levels of confidence and physical ability and we need to respect that in order for them to feel empowered in their own lives.”

This is a wonderful opportunity for the people we support and work with to directly impact the way MercyCare delivers its services. The project will be completed in May 2016 and we look forward to seeing the results and the potential it holds for the rest of the organisation.