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Think Green!

Did you know that Australians have, on a per capita basis, the highest greenhouse gas emissions of any country in the developed world?  Households contribute almost one-fifth of Australia's greenhouse gases alone - that's about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide per household each year.

Although, much of this can be avoided.  Here are the top five "Think Green" tips for the month...

  1. Reduce...and save money!
    If you don't need to fill the kettle completely when boiling water, don't.  Only fill and boil for what you need.  Turn the power switches off at the wall before you go to bed - our appliances use more power than we think even when they're on stand-by.
  2. Reuse
    When buying groceries, purchase items that have reusable packaging - and make sure you reuse them.  If you have wrapping that can be reused, put that to good use too!
  3. Recycle
    Recycling an aluminium can uses only 5 per cent of the energy required to make a new one, recycling galss uses 26 per cent of the energy and every tonne of paper recycled saves almost 13 trees.  That's something to think about.  Try keeping two smaller bins in the kitchen instead of one larger one; one for waste and one for items that can be recycled.
  4. Save time in the shower, save power and save more money!
    If you think a ten minute shower is harmless, think again.  Over the course of a year your daily ten minute showers waste enough water to fill an entire backyard pool and pumps out an extra tonne of carbon dioxide emissions!  By reducing your average shower time to five minutes you will save more than 16,000 litres of water, $90 on the water bill and $150 on water heating.
  5. All in the push of a button
    When you visit the toilet, use the half flush button whenever you can.  A full-flush button uses up to twelve litres of water in one flush, but a half-flush button only uses less than four litres.  This can in turn reduce your household water use by 1,000 litres a year.  If you still have an old style toilet at home, fill a water bottle with water and place it in the cistern.  This will reduce the amount of water it uses when flushed.

Start living your greener lifestyle today!

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facts and figures taken from "True Green" - Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin