Bennett Springs Early Learning Centre

Bennett Springs Early Learning Centre

At Bennett Springs we pride ourselves on being a family friendly centre, where staff value and develop meaningful relationships with the children, families, our colleagues and community. Our centre has been architecturally designed to foster the natural elements of our learning environment and we ensure our curriculum is enriched through the play based learning opportunities it provides. Being a multicultural centre, our cook prepares meals from numerous cultures that cater for any special dietary needs, food intolerances or allergies.

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Multicultural Service

We strongly support children in developing their sense of belonging to their community and encourage children to participate in the day care’s weekly activities as well as incursions. We have an adventurous teddy bear who spends time with a different family each week to learn about how each family spends their weekends. Recapping journal entries from the visit encourages children to learn about different cultures and lifestyles in a comfortable, fun way.



Jacenta holds a Diploma of Children’s Services and has worked in the early learning sector since 1998. 

Jacenta leads a multicultural team of educators and fosters strong connections between her staff, the children and families. She believes that an environment based on flexibility, equality, good communication and encouraging diversity and creativity helps children to learn and thrive.

Jacenta enjoys researching and creating new learning opportunities for the children within the curriculum and sharing ideas and experiences among her team of educators. 

When she’s not at the centre Jacenta loves to exercise, spend time with her family and support her three children in their sporting activities.

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Opening hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday

130 Bridgeman Drive, Bennett Springs, WA, 6063

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