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We value your feedback as it helps us to continually improve our services to the community. We encourage you to submit any compliments, complaints or suggestions. For more information click here. Please use the form below to provide a compliment, complaint or suggestion about the service you have received from us. For further information please refer to our complete Service User Feedback Policy.

To download information about your rights and responsibilities as a service user, please click here.

If you require assistance, an advocate or an interpreter to complete this form, please ask an employee or contact our Quality Improvement Specialist on (08) 9442 3444 or email us at feedback@mercycare.com.au.

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Approach a staff member and request to talk to the service manager in the area where the issue has occurred or Contact the Quality Improvement Specialist.

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If you would like more information please ask a member of staff or contact MercyCare on (08) 9442 3444 or via email on feedback@mercycare.com.au.

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