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Fostering Services

MercyCare has a long history of providing fostering services extending back to 1990. Fostering Services works with, and for children and young people who are unable to live with their families and need care and support.   

Our service provides care and support to children and young people who are unable to live with their families due to circumstances which have caused harm, such as abuse and neglect, or due to circumstances whereby families are not able to raise children consistently and safely, such as family illness and loss.

We work in partnership with foster carers, children and young people. We take the time to listen carefully, and our care team is there to support carers every step of the way.

We believe each child has their own special light. Foster carers can help it shine by supporting a child to reach their potential. We are about building bright, hopeful and successful futures, together.

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What is Foster Care?

Foster care is recognised as just one type of care which is required for children and young people whose needs indicate the best daily living arrangement is in a family-like setting where their day-to-day needs can be met.

Foster care means providing daily care in your own home for a child who is unable to live with their family. Foster Care is provided by all types of people and families - as long as it is a safe, caring, warm and nurturing home.

Who are we?

MercyCare Fostering Services recruits, assesses and trains everyday people to become MercyCare Foster Carers. Once Carers are ready to welcome a foster child, we work with both the child and foster family to ensure a suitable match for both. 

Each child and Foster Carer are provided with a MercyCare Case Worker who will support the placement.

We believe our greatest asset is our Foster Carers. By providing a stable day-to-day living environment they become the nurturers, supporters, and primary facilitators of development for their child. Foster Carers offer a strong family base, guidance, flexibility to respond to their child’s needs, advocacy and foundations for strong relationships.

Our care team is responsive and dedicated to providing Foster Carers support throughout their fostering journey. We have a strong model of care based on experience and evidence where the child is always at the centre.

Who are MercyCare Foster Carers?

Foster Carers come in all shapes and sizes. They are ordinary people making an extraordinary difference.

They are:

  • Ordinary people willing to share their lives and home with a child or young person.
  • Committed to caring for children and providing them with a stable, supportive and nurturing home.
  • All ages of singles (male or female), couples or families.
  • With or without their own children.
  • Compassionate, flexible, consistent and resilient people.
  • From culturally diverse backgrounds with different life experiences.
  • People who have a genuine empathy and respect for children.
  • Able and willing to work as part of a team that may include family, schools, social workers, psychologists, health and other professionals.
  • Willing to undertake training to enhance their own skills and to gain further understanding of children’s needs.
  • People who understand that caring for children from another family will be different to caring for their own children.
  • Willing to try new techniques in parenting and work from different models.

What types of care do we provide?

Children requiring foster care are aged between 0-17years old and may require anything from temporary to permanent care.

Temporary Care

This is provided for children and young people who require foster care until more permanent arrangements are made for them. This is usually when there is an assessment period required for a child and there are clear plans to see the child returned to family members. Care is usually for 3 to 18 months.

Permanent Care

This is provided to children and young people who require, or are likely to require, a longer period of foster care while determinations surrounding their permanent living arrangements are undertaken. Care is usually from 2 years to permanently living with our Foster Carers.

Respite care for MercyCare Foster Carers

We recognise foster caring requires care and support of a team. Our respite care program is for Foster Parents to have short breaks when required. This may be for illness, travel, and additional support in the role of caring for a child.

To find out more about fostering in Perth and becoming a Foster Carer, please get in touch.

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