Become a Foster Parent


The first step in becoming a foster parent is to talk to one of our staff members. We will able to answer your questions and book a time to meet you at your home and complete the Foster Parent Application Form. You can find more information in our "Become a Foster Parent" below.

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Home Visit

Our Carer Support Officer will arrange a time to meet with you in your home to provide you with the opportunity to ask any further questions and to complete the Foster Parent Application Form. You will be asked to provide information about your home, health, family members and employment, as well as providing the names of people who can provide character references for you. Our Carer Support Officer will also ask about your motivation to become a foster parent and your preferences for fostering (such as age and gender of child).  It will also give us the opportunity to help you assess your home for relevant child safety issues.

During this visit we will ask you to complete the following forms:

  • Foster Parent Application Form
  • Consent to record your application with the Department for Child Protection Foster Care Directory of WA
  • Consent form for Criminal and Department for Child Protection record checks
  • Consent form for us to contact your local Doctor and/or specialists


For registration, applicants are required to attend "Fostering with Skill and Care" preparation training provided by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support. Foster parent training can occur during or after the assessment. This training occurs over a  19 hour period and is provided in modules which occur on weeknights and weekends.

Foster parents are encouraged to participate in ongoing training each year, which advances their skills and knowledge in caring for foster children. MercyCare offers access to wide range of training opportunities.

Assessment Process

The assessment process normally takes between 10-20 hours. The assessment takes place in your home over a number of sessions with an assessor.

All applicants are subject to the same assessment process and requirements. You are able to withdraw your application at any time should you feel that the program would not be suitable to you or your family.

Once the assessment sessions and report are completed, the assessor will go through their recommendations with you. If the assessor recommends you for foster care you will then attend a selection panel interview with us.

Following the panel and approval process, you will complete the Orientation to Fostering and we will commence identifying and matching a child for placement with you. 

For a clear overview of the process, please download our Assessment Process Flowchart below.


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