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From our Foster Carers

A word from Our Foster Carers

"As a foster parent, the value of having a team that listens, supports, advises and advocates without a bias or judgment is immeasurable. In nine years of being with the MercyCare Fostering Services Programme it has been my experience that the team has given 120% in all these areas to both myself and the children in my care. They have helped to make our continuing journey through fostering a wonderful and rewarding experience and have become a valued extension to our family unit."

"I wanted to become a foster parent because I enjoy the company of children, and believe their care is very important to our future. Yes, I did have my doubts, I was worried whether doing my best would be enough to make the child comfortable. It turned out my doubts were unfounded. When young Tim (not his real name) came to us he had been with many other foster families. He fitted in well with the family, and when he was about ready to leave he said, ‘You know this hasn't been like the others, it is more like a home’."

 "My youngest daughter brought a newsletter home from school with information about being a foster carer and asked us if we could do it. My husband and I had brought up a family, with the oldest already leaving home. The house was starting to feel empty so we decided to fill it up again."Stars-1.png

"We have had a sibling group for eight years now, and it has been very rewarding for both the children and us. Keeping the group together helps maintain the strong family bond between the children and made it easier for them to settle into our family."

"There is a growing need for foster carers and while we only offer limited fostering, we believe it helps." 

"Fostering is a great way to make a difference in someone's life."

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