Support for Foster Parents

We aim to create strong working relationships with our foster parents that emphasise trust, respect, openness and creativity. Becoming a MercyCare Foster Parent means that you become an integral part of a team that is focused on ensuring the very best for the children in our care.

Primarily, we seek to do this through being responsive to the needs of our foster parents.

Some of the ways we endeavour to do this is through:

  • Having an individual Case Worker assigned to each foster parent
  • Regular joint planning and assessment and goal setting for children
  • Strong commitment to placement matching and  transition for children
  • Identified administration officer who is able to provide timely  responses to carer subsidies, and additional cost reimbursements
  • Access to holiday activities and camps
  • Provide opportunities for access to development and training which is matched to the needs of children and their foster parents.
  • After hours/Emergency on-call service for our foster parents, 7 days a week.
  • Regular respite and short breaks for foster parents as needed
  • Having a Carer Support Officer who provides newsletters, updates and schedules events

We also seek to provide support for our foster parents through a team approach to the daily living and care needs of children and young people. Our team consists of a number of roles and we also have partnerships with other service providers to ensure we provide the optimal care for children and young people.


Our Team

  • Foster Carers
  • Manager/ coordinator
  • Case Workers
  • Carer Support Officer
  • Therapeutic Life Story Officer
  • Therapeutic Life Skills educator
  • Administration Officers
  • Project Officers

For more information, please contact the Fostering Services team.