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Types of Foster Care

What time of care do we provide? 

Short to medium-term care for children aged between 0 -18 years

Short to medium term care is generally provided for children and young people who require foster care until such time as more permanent arrangements are made for them. This type of care is generally provided when there is an assessment period required for a child, there is a short to medium term request for care and there are clear plans to see the child returned to family members.  Generally, care is required for a period of 3 months to 18 months.

Medium to long-term care for children and young people aged between 0 -18 years

Medium to long term care is provided to children and young people who require, or are likely to require, a longer period of foster care whilst determinations surrounding their permanent living arrangements are undertaken. This type of care is generally required for periods ranging from 2 years to permanently living with our foster parents.

Respite care for MercyCare foster parents

We recognise that foster parenting requires a care and support of a team. Our respite care program is provided to our foster parents who are able to have short breaks when required. This may be for illness, travel, and additional support in the role of parenting a child

To find out more about fostering in Perth and becoming a foster parent, please contact us.