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Social support

Positive social interactions are an important part of positive mental health and overall well-being.  


Harman Park Community Centre

Located within the City of Belmont, Harman Park Community Centre is a social centre providing opportunities for seniors and those living with a disability to socialise and connect.

Trained staff and volunteers run a wide range of activities and outings for eligible community members.

A number of different interest groups and clubs operate from the centre.

The service is available to community members who have been assessed and meet the required criteria.

Transport for medical appointments and for a shopper’s bus can also be arranged for clients who live within six kilometres of the centre.


What Harman Park members say:

"I have been coming to Harman Park for just over 12 months and look forward to every visit there. The staff are so friendly and make everyone so comfortable. I have never felt so comfortable anywhere before. I am sure everyone here feels the same."


"All the staff at Harman Park Day Centre are the best, caring, kind and helpful people, giving 100% of the time and caring for us while we are in their care for the day. Because of all the staff, Harman Park is the best day centre around."


"The staff at Harman Park have helped me get through a bad time mentally and physically. The friendship of the people I have met has made life worth living. Thank you, all staff, especially Tracy."


"Tracy and Lindsey put a lot of effort into what they do for us and make sure we are looked after and kept safe. Harman Park is a very happy place to be."

Contact us

Harman Park Community Centre is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.

21 Harman Street, Belmont, WA 6104