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National Reconciliation Week 2020

Kaya (hello – Noongar)

Reconciliation Week provides all Australians with a reminder about the importance of our shared histories, cultures, and achievements and invites us to explore how we can contribute to achieving reconciliation.

At MercyCare we are committed to a fairer Australia based on respect and justice for all.

This can only be achieved through a process of relationship building, listening and learning between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

I’ve been impressed with the commitment across the organisation to the process of reconciliation, which began on an official level six years ago.

This was when work first started on a Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan which created a framework for the organisation’s vision of reconciliation.

These plans are the basis for how we strengthen our partnerships with Aboriginal organisations, engage with Aboriginal elders, progress employment opportunities for all and ensure Aboriginal perspectives and experiences influence our governance and design making.

Since the creation of MercyCare’s first Reconciliation Action Plan, the organisation has moved through the second phase as set out by Reconciliation Australia and this year we will work on developing what is known as a Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan.

Reaching the third of four stages shows the long-term commitment of MercyCare to support the national reconciliation movement.

This Reconciliation Week we ask staff to explore with their team how they can build stronger relationships with our Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander community, learn more about the stories, culture and wisdom and identify opportunities to build relationships with Aboriginal communities through the services we deliver and the communities we work with.

There are a number of opportunities for MercyCare staff and volunteers to engage in the spirit of Reconciliation Week over the coming seven-days, so I ask everyone to approach the matter with open hearts and open minds.

Boorda (Later on – Noongar)

MercyCare CEO, Anthony Smith