MercyCare continues to take advice from the WA Department of Health and the Australian Government on the COVID-19 pandemic regarding the health and safety of our service users and staff. Read the latest information and updates.

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Our Approach

For over 170 years, our focus has been on creating a more prosperous outlook for Western Australia so that all people and communities can thrive. To achieve this, our Person Centred Approach drives us to deliver meaningful services that go the extra distance for the people we support.

Following these guidelines means that each person and community we work with will have:

  • greater choice and control and an influential voice in matters that impact their lives.
  • a standard of living and quality of life as defined by them.
  • recognition of living and quality of life as defined by them.
  • recognition of their right to enjoy their identity and culture.
  • hope for their future.
  • freedom from discrimination.
  • safety and wellbeing.
  • acceptance, belonging and community participation and connectedness.

Respect and See The Whole You

We will get to know you as an individual - your history, culture, family and your story. We will work with you to plan and deliver holistic, individualised supports and services, ensuring we uphold your dignity.

Support To Be In and Create Your Own Life

You will live a good, positive and meaningful life. We provide support for you to develop your valued roles, relationships (with family, friends and the community) and your sense of wellbeing.

Focus on Your Strengths and Potential

To help build your capacity to be independent, we will focus on building your strengths, capabilities and aspirations. We will also support you to foster a sense of community belongingness.

Facilitate Your Choice

We will provide appropriate and sufficient information so you can make informed choices.

Actively Share Power Through a Respectful and Balanced Relationship

By working together in the design and delivery of your services, we will uphold your natural authority to make decisions regarding your own life.

Advocate for Fairness and Social Justice

We will ensure that your legal and human rights are upheld by making fair and transparent decisions with you. We will also identify gaps in supports and services and advocate for opportunities and resources you may require.

Foster a Person Centered Culture and Work Practice

MercyCare supports a collaborative working culture where staff are always sharing and learning. We pursue avenues for you to inform, advise, review and evaluate our services.