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Our approach and disability services

Your NDIS journey begins when you contact the National Disability Insurance Agency and confirm your eligibility. Eligible participants will:

  • have a permanent disability which significantly affects communication, mobility, self-care or self-management
  • be under 65 years of age
  • live in the Perth Hills (Shires of Swan, Kalamunda and Mundaring), in the Lower South West or in the City of Cockburn and Kwinana

Currently, only people who live in the trial site areas listed above can access the scheme.  However, this will progressively be expanded to include the whole country.

To check your NDIS eligibility and understand if you meet the requirements to receive funding, you can use the NDIS Access checklist

Once eligible you and those close to you work with a planner to discuss your goals and map what a good life looks like for you.  Under the NDIS, you will be assisted to design your individual plan to outline what you want your life to look like and identify the reasonable and necessary supports you need to make this happen and achieve your personal goals.

You will then be allocated individual funding and can choose who you wish to purchase your supports from and how, when and where they get delivered.

As your needs and goals change so does your plan, what supports you need and how supports are provided.

Our Disability Services

Supports which we can provide under the NDIS include:


In-home Accommodation support: We provide flexible 1-1 support in your own home and is tailored to the needs, priorities and goals identified in your the individual plan.

Group homes: We provide combined accommodation and community based residential support, life long learning and mentoring to you to live safely and independently in the community.

Alternative Family Placement: We assist you to secure accommodation with an alternative family who will provide care and support. The family is selected based on their suitability and capability to provide a stable positive influence and the right support, at the right time.

Short Term Accommodation support: We work 1-1 with you to determine your unique support needs and accommodation needs and then access specialist supports and short term accommodation i.e. holiday and crisis accommodation.

Home and Garden Maintenance: We provide gardening and home maintenance services to assist you to enjoy and maintain your own home.

Daily Living

Daily Living and Life skills: We work 1:1 with you to develop life long skills that empower you to lead the life you want. Our goal is to enable you to live as autonomously in the community as possible, build confidence and develop and maintain friendships. Individualised support can include skills development, assistance with communication and social skills, tenancy, budgeting and problem solving.

Recreational Support: We provide you with information about recreational activities available in your community that fit with your interests, abilities and goals.  We then help you to connect you with your chosen activities, participate, have fun and make new friends.  

Mentoring support: We provide ongoing support and guidance that suits you to encourage continued participation and help you achieve your goals.

Having a Break

Own home respite: We provide short-term respite in your own home, to assist in supporting and maintaining your existing care giving relationships.

Centre-based respite: We provide respite to you and those close to you in our centres, to assist in supporting and maintaining the existing care giving relationships.

Host family respite: We provide you with an opportunity to spend time with a host family who has been matched with your age, interests and support needs.

Flexible respite: We provide services to you that are tailored to your individual needs and offer a combination of own home and host family respite.

Occasional respite: We provide respite for "one off" circumstances.


Contact us

We are committed to working with you to make your goals a reality and help you create the life you want, contact us to start your journey today.

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