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Home Care & Community Care

If staying in your home and maintaining your independence is important to you, MercyCare’s Home and Community Care Program can help you achieve it.

For people who need minimal home care support, to be able to live well at home, the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program is ideal. MercyCare home support staff are specially trained to help people maintain (and regain) independence and abilities, to live well and to live a full life. If staying in your own home and being part of your local community is important, MercyCare can enable you to also achieve this with the HACC Program.

Let our experienced staff guide you on your home support journey. Contact us today to answer any questions you may have.

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What is the HACC Program’s ‘Wellness Approach’?

Enabling people to live well is a priority for MercyCare with our home support staff using a ‘Wellness Philosophy.’ We concentrate on what people ‘can do’ for themselves, not what they ‘can’t do’.

This means enabling a person to maintain their independence and stay at home longer. The approach focuses on building people’s capacity and social connections to achieve it. Support is offered collaboratively and centres on people’s goals in life.

For more information on the Wellness Philosophy, refer to this booklet produced by CommunityWest  to show the philosophy in action and how it changes lives, ‘WA HACC Program Wellness Approach at Work – Sharing Client Stories’.

How do you know if someone is eligible for Home and Community Care?

HACC is designed to assist older, frail people, people with a disability (and their carers), if they are having difficulty with everyday tasks.

The first step to access MercyCare’s HACC Program is to be independently assessed. A referral is not needed.

1. Contact your local Regional Assessment Service on 1300 785 415 for an initial screening over the phone.

2. If criteria are met, an independent assessor will make an appointment to meet you in person.

3.  The assessor will be able to offer guidance for appropriate support to suit your specific needs.

At this stage you can choose MercyCare’s HACC Program to deliver your home support services.

Is there a cost for Home and Community Care?

There is no cost for an assessment. A contribution fee is requested for services provided, based on the level of support needed. There is a cap on the amount of fees payable and no person will be denied a service because they cannot afford to pay.

For more information on the Home and Community Care Program in WA, see information provided by the Government of Western Australia Department of Health Website.

For more general information about aged care, visit the national My Aged Care website or contact the My Aged Care team on 1800 200 422.