Supported Accommodation (Fremantle Tenancy)

Fremantle Tenancy Support Services

Fremantle Tenancy Support Services is a program that has been established and funded by MercyCare for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The program provides medium term transitional accommodation and support. This program is open to singles and couples, and cost is determined by individual income. Priority will be given to people aged 18 - 39 years.

The objectives of the program are to support young people to build skills towards:

  • Independent living;
  • Engaging in education/training or retaining employment;
  • Seeking, securing and maintaining future accommodation;
  • Preparing for private tenancy.

MercyCare has independent units in Fremantle. Support is offered in an outreach capacity by skilled workers who provide case management. This support is primary psycho-social support. For other identified needs, specialist agencies are engaged to work with the young person.

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