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Building Strong Foundations

We believe when your child feels safe, secure and nurtured, only then can the magic of learning happen.

Our belief that every child is unique; truly listening to what matters to each child and their families and the importance of community influences our care and education programs.

Our approach to child care

The power of play

Overwhelming research shows the best way to learn is through play. Our play-based approach, coupled with child-led learning, encourages a child’s individual interests and natural curiosity where learning thrives.

Our play-based approach and child care practices are based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the Western Australian Kindergarten Curriculum. Our passionate and highly-skilled educators and early childhood teachers use play to develop physical, language, cognitive, social and emotional skills. These are the building blocks of creating confident children who are ready for school and life.

We partner with families (who are the first teacher) to learn about each child’s strengths, interests and where they are at developmentally so we can tailor their learning journey. We see the environment as the third teacher. Our environments are designed to reflect the child’s learning journey, their sense of identity and the world around them. Environments are set up to engage and encourage children to revisit learning and practice new skills to gain confidence.

Through providing a rich variety of experiences – which are fun, engaging and educational – your child can build confidence and independence as they grow, develop and find their space in the world.

Don’t miss a moment

Our Xplor app, available on your mobile and online, keeps you connected with your child and their day in real time.

Through-out the day receive photos, videos and updates on your child discovering, learning and playing. Updates on nappy changes, nap times and medication means you’ll know exactly where your child is until pick-up time. The Xplor app also makes busy lives easier, with mobile bookings and digital sign-in.

Flexibility in all we do

Flexible Care

We offer you flexible care, from half days, public holiday discount days and penalty-free casual days to money-saving 10-hour sessions.

Different Needs

Every child is unique. Our holistic approach to childcare recognises this by catering for all different needs, including care requirements, routines and additional needs.

Nutritious meals

Active, growing bodies need great nutrition. We prepare nutritionally-balanced and delicious meals, and our educators provide lessons on the importance of healthy eating. Special dietary requirements? No problem, we’ll work with you to ensure the needs of your child are met.

Staying COVID-19 Safe

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will continue to closely follow all Government health advice to reduce risk of transmission and protect our most vulnerable little people.

Our staff will:

  • Wear masks when we feel the risk is high and on Government advice.
  • Follow their training in hygiene practices, including handwashing, hand sanitising, cleaning and wearing of PPE when appropriate.
  • Adjust centre routines and activities as necessary to reduce risk of transmission.
  • Be up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.
  • Keep you up to date if there are any changes or impacts due to Government health advice.

Want to learn more?

Family Handbook

Download our Family Handbook for all you’ll need to know when enrolling at a MercyCare Early Learning Centre.

Download Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! There’s nothing better than seeing a centre and experiencing it first-hand. To book a tour simply get in touch with us by enquiring or hitting the Book a Tour button and we’ll work with you to find a time that works for you. We look forward to meeting you.

It’s always a good idea to get your child care subsidy sorted as it can take up to 28 days to process. You can book a tour so you can meet our staff. Check out the 4 easy steps of Getting Started here.

We offer orientation days for your child so they can get to know our educators, and we can get to know them. Allowing a child time to familiarise themselves with the centre, other children and the educators means a much smoother transition when you and your child are ready to start. Learn more about settling your child in here.

Our Enrolment checklist includes:

  • Up-to-date printed Immunisation History Statement from Medicare ( Your WA Health Purple Book cannot be accepted.
  • Birth certificate
  • Completed enrolment form
  • Completed CCS claim with Centrelink (if eligible)
  • $25 enrolment fee (payable via eftpos)
  • Any medical action plans
  • Any court orders

At our early learning services your children are offered morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day. For those that stay a little later, we offer a healthy late snack to keep them going until they get home. All our cooks undertake specific nutrition and menu planning training in line with FeedAustralia which means our menus are carefully planned and nutritionally balanced to provide children with the necessary fuel to play and learn throughout the day, and to support healthy and positive eating habits.

We certainly do. We work with families to meet special dietary requirements, routines, care requirements and additional needs.

Your child’s birthday is important to us. We will celebrate this important day by organising special birthday activities. We love to incorporate any personal and cultural birthday practices and ceremonies you may do at home into their day. We endeavour to offer celebratory food that is healthy and does not compromise the nutritional value of our menu.

This depends on the age of your child. See page 7 of our Parent Handbook to see a full list of items for different age groups.

A child cannot be accepted into our care with any illness which may, in any way, be transferred to others. Children and our educators with infectious disease will be excluded from the service in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines. If your child is unwell, parents are requested not to bring the child to the service. If your child becomes unwell at the service, parents/guardians will be notified and asked to take your child home. Your children will only be accepted back into the service upon provision of a ‘clearance certificate’ from a medical practitioner.

We are all about flexible care, that’s why we offer penalty-free casual and public holiday discount days; money-saving 10-hour sessions and half days.