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Multicultural Services

We are committed to empowering asylum seekers, new migrants and refugees in Western Australia.

MercyCare provides multicultural services and opportunities for people and communities to thrive.

We are committed to supporting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to settle successfully and live meaningful and valued lives, where they can contribute to and feel part of the fabric of Western Australia. This support is central to MercyCare’s vision for people and communities to thrive.

Our Multicultural Support services are for those who face the greatest challenges settling in Australia, namely asylum seekers, refugees, humanitarian entrants and new arrivals. We provide settlement services across multicultural family services, multicultural employment services, multicultural women services and much more.

In providing multicultural services to the Western Australian community, we understand and recognise the significant barriers that people coming to Australia from different cultures and backgrounds face. These barriers may include:

  • English language competency
  • Trauma from past experiences and mental health
  • Family separation and grief
  • Lack of support from extended family or friends
  • Accessing essential services such as Centrelink or banks
  • Lack of financial resources
  • Lack of skills or qualifications (or qualifications not recognised in Australia)
  • No local work experience, networks or referees to assist in job search
  • Limited understanding of how to find and successfully apply for jobs
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem.

We provide specialist support with:

  • Tailored casework support for individuals and families
  • Specialised support for parents with young children via casework and playgroups
  • Specialised support for women from multicultural backgrounds around parenting and employment
  • Group information sessions and workshops on topics related to employment
  • Structured work placements and advocacy around employment
  • Support for getting driver’s licence
  • Support around establishing small business and/or selling products.


Thanks to our funding partners:

  • Department of Home Affairs
  • LotteryWest
  • City of Stirling

We would also like to acknowledge our partners:

  • City Rotary
  • Red Cross
  • City of Stirling
  • City of Canning

We are very grateful to Perth Festival for inviting our Step-by-Step program to be one of the Festival’s 2024 Community Partners. Community Partners are offered free access to shows and transport and other ways to reduce barriers to attendance. These partnerships help us to have ongoing, meaningful relationships with a diverse cross-section of Western Australia.