Status Resolution Support Services

Providing temporary, needs-based support to people experiencing barriers to resolving their immigration status in Australia

As the only Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) provider in WA, MercyCare works with the Department of Home Affairs to deliver appropriate support to people engaging with the Department, providing them with support whilst they are resolving their immigration status.

Every one of our SRSS users are allocated a MercyCare case worker, who becomes their main contact for assistance. MercyCare has a team of multilingual staff who support SRSS users to live in the community and access services that address their specific needs, helping them become self-sufficient and active members of their new community.

If your application is approved by the Department of Home Affairs, you may be eligible for certain services, which are determined by your circumstances. These can include:

  • Access to health care
  • Access to education for school aged children
  • Case worker support
  • Case management

Please note that MercyCare does not have any role or responsibility regarding provision of immigration visas or application status. MercyCare can assist eligible users by linking them with relevant status resolution support services, but the ultimate decision regarding visas and applications are made by the Commonwealth.

Who is eligible for SRSS?

You may be eligible to receive Status Resolution Support Services if you have lodged a visa for Australia’s protection. This may include people who are:

  • Living the community and have lodged an application for Australia’s Protection
  • On a bridging visa with no work rights
  • Facing significant medical barriers that impact on their ability to resolve their immigration status

How do I access the SRSS Service?

To see if you are eligible for the Status Resolution Support Service, please contact MercyCare directly. For more information, visit the Department of Home Affairs. Please note that program eligibility is ultimately determined by the Department.

When you start an SRSS application, you may need to include the following information:

  • SRSS application form
  • Department of Home Affairs Privacy Notice
  • SRSS Debt Agreement
  • Relevant supporting documents, such as bank statements and medical records
  • Other additional information, as determined by individual circumstances.

Contact us for more information

Phone: (08) 6298 9800
Address: Unit 1/6 Cecil Ave, Cannington 6107