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Mini Chef Program

Recipe for success

Kids just love getting their hands into sticky dough, cracking an egg, stirring the pot and tasting their delicious creations. Cooking engages all their senses!

Our weekly MiniChef sessions are a hit with children because they’re super fun, a little messy and very hands-on; but they are also extremely educational and introduce children to several learning subjects, such as maths and science.

As they follow their recipes, children practice counting, weighing and measuring.

They learn about different forms – about liquids and solids, how some ingredients melt or change colour and form, and the effect of heat or cold temperatures.

They also learn how to follow instructions, take turns and work together.

And throughout the activity, they not only learn about healthy eating, but they also practise their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

On another level, we know that sharing food brings people together – families, friends and entire communities. At MercyCare, we are all those things.

Our MiniChef program enables us to learn from our wonderfully diverse families. By making different recipes every week, children learn about new foods and flavours from different cultures.

We love to celebrate culturally significant days and events through our MiniChef program.