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We provide services to support and strengthen communities

MercyCare has a long history of providing community support services. We want to create positive change at the heart of our Western Australian community. Our community care services support people to achieve their goals, by seeing each person as a unique individual, supporting their choices and needs.

We are committed to safeguarding and protecting children, young people, and the vulnerable and inspiring a culture that truly embraces and celebrates diversity. MercyCare is committed to partnering with our First Nations Peoples to build a strong and fair future together.

Multicultural Services

Supporting new Australians to successfully settle and find their place in the community

The MercyCare team supports new arrivals, refugees and asylum seekers with respect and compassion to connect with the community, develop their skills and find employment in Western Australia. We offer different programs and specialist support including tailored casework support for individuals and families; support for parents with young children via casework and playgroups; specialised support for women from multicultural backgrounds around parenting and employment; group employment information sessions and workshops; structured work placements and employment advocacy; support for getting driver’s licence; and support to establish small business and/or selling products.

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Heart of the Community

Aboriginal Accommodation

Culturally-Safe Accommodation in the Kimberley

Looking for a safe place to stay in the Kimberley? Together with our local partners, MercyCare operates short stay, family-friendly accommodation for Aboriginal people in Broome and Derby. We offer culturally safe, secure accommodation with disability access and family-sized, double- and single-bed rooms for up to 28 days at low cost. During your stay with us, we can connect you with local Aboriginal Support Workers, who can help you set-up appointments with different services.

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Staying COVID-19 Safe

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will continue to closely follow all Government health advice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff, reduce risk of transmission and protect the most vulnerable members of our community.

Our staff will:

  • Follow up-to-date Government advice on the wearing of masks
  • Adapt face-to-face services when necessary or provide options for virtual services
  • Follow their training in hygiene practices, including handwashing, hand sanitising, cleaning and wearing of PPE when appropriate
  • Be up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters
  • Keep you up to date to our service delivery if there are any changes or impacts due to Government health advice

Raise The Age

In just one year across Australia, close to 600 children aged 10 to 13 years were locked up and thousands more were hauled through the criminal legal system. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are disproportionately impacted by these laws. There has been calls from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, expert United Nations bodies, human rights organisations, medical and legal bodies, and academics to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility. Children need to be loved and supported so they can reach their full potential. Not locked up.

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100 Families WA

MercyCare is one of eight not-for-profit organisations working with the University of Western Australia on research to understand and address the issue of entrenched disadvantage experienced by families living in Western Australia. The project seeks to answer the questions – “What stops people moving out of poverty? What do we need to do differently to provide families in need? Where is the system failing them?”

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Your Help WA

WA’s community service organisations are in crisis! More than half a million Western Australians need support and services, but community service organisations do not have the resources to meet the growing need in our community. The State Government needs to provide fair and adequate funding to help us support all vulnerable and at-risk people in our State.

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Safeguarding Children

MercyCare is working with the Australian Childhoold Foundation through its Safeguarding Children program to build a culture and a system that works to keep the children and young people in our care safe from harm and exploitation. MercyCare is one of over 170 accredited organisations reaching and safeguarding more than 1 million children and young people across Australia.

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