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Our Team of Early Learning Educators

Our staff are family

What truly makes the difference at an early learning centre? For us, it’s our early learning educators and staff. Experienced, compassionate and professional, it’s our people that make our centres what they are.

Our educators care deeply; listen to what truly matters to our families and their community; and are passionate about providing opportunities for each child to learn, discover, develop and belong.

We want you to meet just a few that embody what we stand for.


Not many early childhood educators can say they’ve worked at the same centre for 35 years, let alone have the privilege of caring for two generations of the same family.

But MercyCare’s longest-serving early learning educator Anna Germano just happens to be the exception. Anna is one of many educators who have been working with MercyCare for more than 10 years.

It is the longevity and experience of educators like Anna that is part of what draws generations of the same families to return to the centre.

Partners in play

For educator Stacy Hasluck, the key to engaging children in play is to be spontaneous.

Taking cues from the children’s interactions and using their interests, Stacy is often seen getting amongst the action, whether it’s extending on their learning via their imaginations or instigating a fun, hands-on activity. Stacey collaborates with children and creates a fun and safe space where they can all learn together.

By building relationships with the children and families, Stacy is guided by the child’s interests in finding stimulating ways to engage them in learning through play.

The Learning Journey

Early Childhood Teacher Jasmine Tan is a big believer in fostering a child’s imagination through play-based learning.

Whether it’s engaging children in role-play or encouraging them to participate in an interactive educational experience, Jasmine is passionate about creating a fun learning environment that reflects their individual interests, strengths and needs. 

Jasmine ensures she looks at the whole child, including their physical, social, cognitive, language and wellbeing. She is also passionate about preparing older children for school, helping children develop self-regulation, build on their social confidence, independence and emotional resilience while learning literacy and numeracy.  


For Centre Manager Jacenta Booth, working in a culturally diverse community has supported her to teach children about the importance of embracing other cultures.

From celebrating Diwali, Harmony Week and Chinese New Year to partnering with local art museum The Sacred India Gallery on an eco art project, Jacenta seizes any opportunity to immerse children in the diverse cultures around them.

Driven by one of MercyCare’s mission ethos to embrace diversity, Jacenta believes it is important to teach children the value of celebrating other cultures through building relationships with local community groups and participating in cultural events that have meaning to the educators, children and their families.