Eco Warrior Program

Environmental sustainability learning in child care

Children love learning about and caring for our environment, and it’s never been so important. MercyCare Early Learning Centres are committed to environmentally sustainable practices and education.

Our unique Eco Warrior program instils sustainable practices and values in children. It helps them understand why sustainability is so important for our wildlife, environment and our families.

There is an Eco Warrior at every MercyCare Early Learning Centre – a dedicated educator with a passion for protecting the environment and championing eco-friendly learning activities with our children.

Our environmental learning activities are super fun and teach children that every little action can make a big difference for our world.

In many of our centres, children learn to take care of our worm farms and chickens, which eat all our kitchen scraps and reduce green waste. Our little ones are so proud to harvest ‘home grown’ vegetables from our garden beds, watered with collected rainwater.

We love getting creative and using upcycled materials in our art and craft activities. All our centres have recycling programs in place, diverting as much waste as possible from landfill. Environmental sustainability and responsibility are part of MercyCare Early Learning’s Philosophy and is one of MercyCare’s Mission Ethos Shapers.