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Short Term Restorative Care

Short Term Restorative Care designed to help you

Our Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) program is designed to get you back doing everyday tasks to enable you to remain living independently at home.

This short term (to a maximum of eight-weeks) intensive program focusses on your goals, backed by a team of specialist health professionals.

What this will look like is different for everyone. For example, it could involve restoring your ability to get out in the community following a fall. Through a tailored program designed and delivered by a nurse, dietician, physiotherapist and occupational therapist to work on strength, balance and fine motor skills, this goal can be achieved.

If you wish to return to earlier levels of independence and delay the need for long-term care, this program might be an option for you.

Referrals to our Short Term Restorative Care Program must be via an ACAT assessment.

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STRC Brochure

View our information brochure to learn more about Short Term Restorative Care.

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Who is eligible for Short Term Restorative Care?

You may qualify for funding for a STRC program if you are:

  • Experiencing functional decline and loss of abilities to manage day-to-day activities
  • At risk of losing your independence
  • Currently receiving no support or low level community support, including the Commonwealth Home Support Program or Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Are not currently receiving (or on leave from) residential care, home care through a Commonwealth Home Care Package or any other form of flexible care
  • You are not eligible if you have been discharged from hospital for a condition related to a functional decline within the past 3 months or have received flexible transition care within the past 6 months.

What restorative care is provided?

A MercyCare STRC program includes:

  • A multidisciplinary team to identify and map out your care plan. Our team includes a Case Manager, GP, nurse, occupational therapist and physiotherapist or exercise physiologist (and access to other specialists as required).
  • A program focussed on achieving your individual goals and reaching your optimal level of independence. We focus on reskilling, building strength and confidence and reconnecting you to the community.
  • An opportunity for you to take a lead role in determining how the program is tailored to your needs. We partner with family, carers and anyone else you would like involved.
  • A dedicated Case Manager will work closely with you. All support is tailored to your needs and focused on building skills. Depending on your preference, our team of experienced professionals will work with you either in your home or at our social centre – it’s your choice.
  • Opportunities to join social activities and connect with others via our Social Centre.

How STRC changed Doug’s life

Doug Roberts, Como

At 95 years of age I had lost all my confidence and was seriously considering moving to a nursing home. Then MercyCare came to my rescue! An amazing team assessed my requirements and implemented an eight-week life changing program.

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Regaining Independence with STRC

“Prof”, City Beach

After a fall at 94 years young, “Prof” regained his independence with the help of MercyCare “gently, patiently, slowly and professionally guiding me through a regime of exercises and rehabilitation.

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Improved mobility with STRC

Robert McGladdery

I’m over the moon with the difference that MercyCare’s Short Term Restorative Care program has made to our lives.

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