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What is Home Care?

Home Care with MercyCare supports you to live a safe, independent and fulfilling life in your own home.

With some extra help to manage at home you can achieve your goals and get on with living life and doing what you love.

We understand every person is different, so that’s why with a Home Care Package you can tailor the services that best suit your needs – you have full control, choice and flexibility.

We can support you to:

  • Keep your independence so you can be the same person you have always been.
  • Retain your quality of life.
  • Assist you to continue to grow and flourish as an individual.
  • Instil a strong sense of security, empowerment, independence and relevance.
  • Listen to you and make sure you are living the life you want to.

Types of Home Care

Depending on your preferences and eligibility, Home Care is available through:

Commonwealth Home Support Program

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) provides entry-level support services to seniors to assist them to stay independent and in their own homes and community. With CHSP your funding is provided for specific services, like cleaning or personal care. If you find you need further services, please speak with our team and we can help you receive these.

Home Care Packages

A Home Care Package is a selection of services that support people to continue living at home independently and safely. A Home Care Package provide greater levels of care and support services, with four different government subsidised levels to meet your assessed needs. Your funding is flexible and can be used on whichever services you require.

Am I eligible for Home Care?

Home Care is available to older people who need coordinated services to help them stay at home. It is also accessible for a younger person living with a disability, those living with dementia or individuals with care needs that are not met through other specialist services.

To receive government subsidised Home Care, you will need to contact My Aged Care  or 1800 200 422. They will test your eligibility and arrange for an assessor to meet with you to determine your level of care.

Chat to our friendly team today on (08) 9442 3498.