Our Locations

Residential Aged Care Facilities Across Perth

With five locations across metro Perth, we hope you can find a MercyCare aged care home near you. Each of our homes are connected to the vibrancy of their surrounding community and conveniently close to shopping, dining, amenities, parks and nature for you to enjoy.

Why choose our residential care services and facilities?

Personalised and Connected

Truly personalised care plan and therapy to meet your individual needs, where those special connections between staff and residents are valued.

24-hour Support

Around-the-clock excellence in health care delivered by qualified and skilled nurses, allied health professionals and carers to give you peace-of-mind every hour of the day and night.

Community and Lifestyle

Surrounded by friends, we offer a fun and diverse lifestyle and therapy program where you choose what appeals to you. W e want you to give you opportunity to continue pursuing what you love in life, from interests to old and new hobbies. An Aged Care home lifestyle is as busy or as tranquil as you want it to be.

Comfort and Personalisation

Our homes are designed to feel welcoming and homely. We love it when you personalise your room with your treasured memories and really make it feel like home for you.

Spiritual Support

Our dedicated spiritual care practitioners offer emotional support and connection. They can be a listening ear, emotional and spiritual support, grief and bereavement support and much more.

Protecting our Residents

MercyCare operates strictly within the rules of the Aged Care Act, 1997. This legislation was designed by the Commonwealth Government to protect the health, safety, wellbeing and interests of residents. The act sets fees and charges and protects residents’ funds, and we act to make sure that these guidelines are strictly followed at all times.


Seasonal and nutritious meals prepared on-site daily in our kitchens by our trained cooks. Passionate about seasonal menus, we believe in nutritious and wholesome food that make for enjoyable mealtimes.