MercyCare / Who We Are / Our Purpose

Our Mission and Values

MercyCare’s Mission

To bring compassion and justice to life so that people and communities can thrive.

Bringing our Mission to life

Our Ethos Shapers are important issues in our community that we believe shape and influence our work to achieve our mission, no matter what part of the organisation we work within.

Boordiya Bidi and Reconciliation Journey

The work of reconciliation (truth, justice, celebration) and creating opportunities for advancing Aboriginal people’s wellbeing, is a core issue of justice and respect for a thriving Australia and MercyCare. We commit to this Pathway and embedding cultural protocols and practices into our work.

Environmental Awareness and Behaviours

Respecting the natural environment is core to the mission and values of MercyCare. We recognise the important role we have to care for and steward the earth’s resources and consciously act to reduce our negative impact on the environment. We are aware of our interconnectedness of all living things and of the important connection between wellbeing and our connection to nature. We bring this awareness into our practices with staff and service users.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At MercyCare, every person matters. We commit to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community, not only for our services but also the culture, processes and opportunities within our organisation. We recognise there are many historical, systemic and current barriers that prevent the full thriving of individuals and community and will courageously engage with this work.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People

MercyCare is an accredited organisation with the Australian Childhood Foundation and commits to listening to vulnerable voices and valuing their experience. We will do all we can to protect and to provide safe environments for all children and vulnerable people in our care.

More information on Safeguarding children and young people.

Mind Body Spirit: Holistic Human Development

We recognise the importance of Holistic development and community which covers all aspects of life: social, emotional, physical, economic, environmental, political, cultural, and spiritual. This recognition impacts our work with clients, communities and our own staff. We are concerned for the good of the whole person and the good of every person and community as every person matters.

Our Values


We value the inherent worth of each person and the natural environment.


We are honest, genuine, accountable and reliable.


We respond with open hearts and minds to people’s needs.


We recognise everyone’s right to a fair share of resources and opportunities.


We strive for outstanding performance and creativity.


We promote a mind and spirit that faces up to and engages with challenges.