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Making a splash: How Prof is regaining his independence

“I know the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy. The warmth of the water allows your muscles to relax and eases the pain in your joints. Plus, the water supports your weight so it’s a lot easier to move.

“In my younger years I walked a kilometre (20 laps) at the Claremont Pool. Never did I think I would be able to negotiate the walk from the car park to the pool again much less walk any laps in the water. But, under the professional guidance of Rob and Nathan from MercyCare, I did it!

“Day one was a disaster. I barely managed one lap. Nathan and Rob walked with me in the water the entire way. Guiding me, supporting me and I had no fear of falling because of their support and encouragement.

“Only eight sessions later I am up to 11 laps (that’s 550 metres)! Rob and Nathan gave me the confidence to do it! And now I can do it alone. They are on the sidelines though – encouraging me, correcting me and cheering me on. They literally don’t take their eyes off me.

“When I feel tired they guide me through gentle exercises sitting on the edge of the pool until I have the strength to start walking again. I cannot thank them and the entire team from MercyCare enough.

“To anyone considering hydrotherapy I say go for it. Ask any doctor or orthopaedic guy. They all endorse it as the best form of rehabilitation ever.

“And if you have MercyCare by your side the experience is a lot more enjoyable, beneficial and you will reach your goals.”

– “Prof”, City Beach.                      

“Prof” began with MercyCare’s Short Term Restorative Care program so he could regain the independence he enjoyed before his fall.

Designed specifically for Prof, his intensive program is backed by a team of specialist health professionals from MercyCare’s in-house team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists, in-house nursing team, podiatry and speech therapist.

Prof has also had his home assessed to see how any equipment and modifications can be subscribed to support him to regain his independence. For Prof, these have included an additional handrail to the bedroom staircase; grab rail, step modification and handrail to back door; double handrail to outside stairs accessing the back garden; bed rail for existing bed; walker for night time toilet transfers; over toilet frame; and the hire of an electric bed to assist with bed transfers whilst recovering.