Our Centres

At MercyCare, we build safe environments and create opportunities for them to explore and develop, expressing their thoughts and emotions in any of the hundreds of ways children express themselves.

Our Philosophy

At MercyCare we know that you are not just looking for someone to take your child off your hands. You want somewhere that is going to provide them with a stimulating, innovative and caring environment. That is why we strive to support children in becoming competent and capable learners with an understanding of themselves, their community and the world around them. We are nurturers, caregivers and collaborators who support the healthy development of your child’s knowledge, skills and concept development.

We are also a not-for-profit organisation. This means that any money our early learning centres make goes back into the WA community though programs such as foster care and youth services.

What our Early Learning Centres offer

Connections to Siblings

We strive to ensure the care each child receives is an extension of the care they receive at home. This is why children are encouraged to visit their siblings and friends in different rooms throughout our centres. This freedom to socialise creates strong bonds and reinforces family connectedness and social development for the children. It also instills a strong sense of comfort knowing that siblings are nearby and accessible.

Connections to Families

Our Xplor platform is a secure end-to-end child care management system that includes the ability for us to communicate with you in real time with photos and stories of your children. This allows us to share milestones and achievements with you in an instant. It is also a great opportunity for us to keep in immediate contact with you at times you may want peace of mind that your child has settled well and is happy (e.g. morning drop-off).

Connections to Community

All of our Early Learning Centres meet and network with local primary schools to ensure we are providing opportunities that will give your child the best start to formal schooling.

Connections to Nature

Children in our care spend time free-playing in our large outdoor playgrounds with plenty of shelter on offer during warm sunny days. To promote connections to nature, our equipment and activities includes an abundance of natural materials. Children learn about sustainability and recycling, as well as how to grow and care for fruit, vegetables and herbs in each centre’s own vegetable gardens.

Meals and Nutrition

Children enjoy a wide selection of meals prepared on site using high quality, fresh ingredients which we source locally where possible. Our food service consists of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, with fresh fruit and snacks available throughout the day. Our team cater for all dietary requirements, including Halal meals, and operate under a Food Safe program, so rest assured that your child will be well looked after should they have any special dietary requirements or allergies.

Visits and Excursions

Our Early Learning Centres regularly host a range of incursions and excursions, including story time visits from the local library, mobile animal farms and the Happy Feet Fitness program.

Intergenerational Activities

As part of our philosophy for all communities in Western Australia to thrive, we encourage regular visits with residents of our residential aged care services.

Children can gain the following benefits:

  • More patience
  • More empathy
  • More self-control
  • Better manners
  • Exposure to traditions and wisdoms
  • Greater respect and empathy for older people

In turn, our older residents gain the following benefits:

  • Sense of purpose and belonging
  • Alleviate boredom and isolation
  • Stay physically active
  • Expanded social networks