Out of Home Care

We have been providing out of home care to vulnerable children and young people for decades.

Our Family Group Homes and foster care services are focused on providing the very best for the children in our care.

Family Group Homes

MercyCare provides Family Group Homes to children aged 3 – 18, who cannot live at home for a variety of reasons. These homes are based in the northern suburbs of Perth.

How we operate

Every child in our care is treated as an individual. Using a Therapeutic Model of Care, we tailor a plan that may include long-term fostering, reunification with their birth parents or kinship care.

We work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Child Protection and Family Support to provide the highest standard of care and ensure the best outcomes for the children we care for.

All referrals in our Family Group Homes are made through the Department of Communities, Child Protection and Family Support.

Our Specialist Out of Home Carers

Our Family Group Homes are staffed by compassionate, considerate and patient people, who really want to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society.

All of our carers are highly trained to ensure children in their care are safe, secure and treated with compassion. They provide a nurturing home-like environment to the children in their care. This includes provision of the day to day care for children and young people as part of a therapeutic care team. The role is a live-in like role, consisting of 24 hour shifts on a rotational roster over a fortnightly period.

Fostering Services

We believe every child deserves to feel safe and supported. MercyCare works closely with foster carers to make a difference to each child and their unique needs. Together we can build safe, hopeful and successful futures.