MercyCare / News / A little creative thinking can go a long way

A little creative thinking can go a long way

As a disability support worker for MercyCare, each day brings something different for Natasha and lateral thinking is a big part of the job.

She works with a number of people with disabilities, helping them work towards goals to improve their wellbeing and independence.

“One woman who I work with has a goal to cook meals for her family,” Natasha said.

“We have introduced colour coded cups because she finds numbers like quarter measures and those sorts of things very difficult to work with, so I write down ‘two blue cups or one grey spoon’ and she’s able to read a recipe and complete it herself when I’m not there.

Everyone is unique and sometimes it’s just a case of making small changes so people can understand.”

Natasha believes that supporting people to build their confidence and capacity to access and be part of their community helps with a person’s mental health and overall wellbeing and is a big part of the work she does.

She is currently working with one of her clients to be confident and comfortable ordering an Uber to take her places.

“I made a laminated card with a breakdown of the steps to order and Uber that fits in the back of their phone case” Natasha said “when I am with her I encourage her to check the card and go through the steps herself when we are getting an Uber rather than asking me how to do it.”

“The goal with this particular lady is that she will be able to take an Uber without me.”

Making a meal or ordering an Uber may seem like small tasks to many people but these things can make a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Over time Natasha has formed strong bonds with the people she works with and considers her role a privilege and finds it very rewarding to see people grow and do things, no matter how small, that they once relied on others to do.