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Age no barrier for pen pals

The two exchanged letters, along with other MercyCare residents and Aspiri students, as part of beautiful pen pal exchange.

Hello Jaxith,

I have your excellent letter, I have reread it several times and congratulate you and the understanding you gave me of a day in your life.

You are 11, I am 84 years old and live with quite a large number of same age, Ladies and Gentleman, with differing levels of health. At present we have locked our entrances to visitors because of this terrible virus that is appearing all over our world.

You are of an age that children and your age are yet not affected, as we older people are very vulnerable to this very dangerous virus. Indeed when I was young 25, I attracted the Polio virus, that paralysed me and it took 5 years or more to get walking and talking again, so now I have the late effects of Polio etc. Fortunately scientists have found an anti-virus for this terrible disease. Check out this Polio virus, so you can tell your mates that this virus we have now, that a miraculous answer will be found.

I have a wonderful suite here at MercyCare; I overlook a very large area of tables, chairs and a waterfall – no fish or fairies.

Boy how lucky you are to have a Dad that takes you fishing and at that time of the day, I would have fallen asleep much sooner than that.

My friend Jaxith, I must leave this letter to you and wish you every success in your life. Make sure your Mum and Dad read this note to you and if your wish, why not write another special letter to me.

Sincerely, Kevin