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Aged care workers rewarded for their work

Our organisation believes all aged care workers deserve recognition for the important work they do. This has been highlighted during the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, so MercyCare is stepping up to ensure all of the organisation’s aged care staff working with the elderly receive a financial bonus.

In March this year, the Federal Government pledged bonus payments totalling a maximum of $1600 to some Aged Care employees. Unfortunately, the eligibility criteria for the bonus payment meant a number of MercyCare’s frontline aged care workers were not eligible for the payment.

While MercyCare welcomes the Government’s financial support, we are disappointed the Government has chosen to exclude some front-line employees who also provide vital services.

In light of this, MercyCare’s Board and Executive Leadership Team decided our organisation would fund the payment of an equivalent bonus to those staff who were deemed ineligible for the Aged Care Workforce Retention Bonus by the Government. This ensures every employee working in one of our organisation’s aged care homes or who work with home care clients will receive bonus payments.

MercyCare is committed to recognising all its aged care workers for their ongoing commitment, particularly during this difficult period.

Those ineligible for the Government’s bonus include Residential Aged Care staff providing hospitality and administration services and Community and Home Support staff providing Short Term Restorative Care and Commonwealth Home Support Package services.

“Their roles are just as important as any others at our aged care homes and in the homes of the elderly citizens who trust us to support them within the community,” MercyCare Aged Care Executive Director Joanne Penman said.

Ms Penman said MercyCare’s aged care staff had shown great dedication to their work throughout the past few months, continuing to work in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.

“Our aged care staff work with some of the most vulnerable people in our community. They have demonstrated that they are a dedicated, integral part of the essential healthcare workforce, continuing to come to work throughout the height of the pandemic restrictions in Western Australia.

“The Aged Care Workforce Retention Bonus is recognition of their ongoing commitment to their work, their team members and most importantly our service recipients.”