MercyCare / News / Assistant Educator Sangeeta Khadwal: I love sharing my culture with the children

Assistant Educator Sangeeta Khadwal: I love sharing my culture with the children

The Holi festival is close to my heart and it brings up many of my childhood memories from when I was back in India where we used to go to our friends and cousins’ houses and throw and put the colours on each other faces and clothes, it was an enjoyable day. 

Being at MercyCare, I felt the same joy when the children put all the colours on me, and I saw all their colourful faces and coloured clothes around me .

It made me feel nostalgic because it was the first time I have celebrated this colour festival since moving to Australia with my family. 

The children had so much fun celebrating Holi Festival and it was a lovely way I could share the messages of unity and diversity and expose the children to a different cultural experience.

I love working with children because being around them brings out the best in me. I become more creative and patient and I love how they keep me busy and active.

When I was asked if I wanted to develop my skills, I was offered the chance to do a Diploma through MercyCare. 

As English is my second language, I thought the diploma would help me expand my skills in this job but will also help me understand how I can support children with their growth and development.

My goal when I finish the Diploma is not only to be a better educator, but I also want to be a room leader so I can follow the child’s learning journey and set up a creative environment for them.

Whenever I come across questions during my studies that I can’t understand, I am thankful that my colleagues and manager are there to help me and guide me through it.”