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Bennett Springs Early Learning artwork to be exhibited

About 20 Kindy children learned new painting techniques from Indian and Aboriginal cultures and used them to decorate various native animal shapes.

The animals they painted are indigenous to the Bennet Springs local area, with many species known to inhabit the nearby Whiteman Park.

In a fantastic community collaboration, the early learning centre partnered with Sacred India Gallery and environmental event group, Eco Gecko to educate children about multicultural arts and the importance of environmental preservation in two Eco Shapes workshops.

The workshops were funded with a grant from Swan Alliance.

MercyCare Bennett Spring Early Learning Centre Manager Jacenta Booth said the Eco Shapes workshops were a fantastic opportunity for children to harness their creative minds, learn new art techniques and develop their interest in local eco-systems.

“Our workshops aimed to drive for change and encouraged children to learn about culture, conservation and the local environment,” Jacenta said.

“This project is important as we can teach our children not only about the sharing of our culture through art but wildlife conservation; preserving and protecting animals, plants and their habitats.

“It is important that we ensure future generations can enjoy our natural world and the incredible species that live within.”

Staff at Bennett Springs Early Learning Centre come from a number of cultural backgrounds, with at least seven languages spoken between them.

The centre is a reflection of the wonderfully diverse community it is part of.

“We have so many multicultural families at our centre and I think it’s really important to share one another’s cultures,” Jacenta said.

“It makes people feel welcome and supported.”

The children’s art works will be displayed at Sacred India Gallery – 76 Dulwich St, Bennett Springs –  as well as the early learning centre.

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